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Smoke-free bars in Japan

This pub is smokin'

This pub is smokin'

If you like to smoke when you drink, here’s something you should think about: For every drag of your fag, that’s another 5 seconds of your life gone where you could have been drinking beer instead. If that reality doesn’t hit home to you – well, you may as well just go and drink superdry.

The smoke-free movement in Japan is something which I wholeheartedly support. To bring to people’s attention that there are a fair number of craft beer bars which are smoke free and still successful, here’s a rundown of the bars from Beer in Japan listings which are smoke free (some may allow smoking outside the bar, but not inside).



Outside Tokyo:

Thanks to Beer in Japan reader John for suggesting this feature. For those who can read Japanese, the Kinen Style website is an excellent resource for non-smokers, covering a range of categories nationwide.

In order to get a photo of a smoking cigarette for this feature, I had to invite out a friend who is a smoker and go to a non-smoke-free bar. Is that dedication or what? 😉