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2 Apr 2017   
Homebrewing in Japan

Feel like making your own beer? It’s not so difficult – but how do you go about it in Japan? Where do you get equipment and supplies? This article is a brief introduction to the subject of homebrewing in Japan.

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17 May 2016   
Finding good beer in Japan

Beer in Japan isn’t perfect. It’s difficult to track down all the bars that sell craft beer, and listing the stores would be even harder. This guide will show you how to track down places in Japan that sell craft beer and where to buy it online.

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10 May 2015   
Tokyo Recommendations

New to Tokyo or just passing through?
Overwhelmed by the choice of bars in Tokyo and don’t know where to start?
Here are a few recommendations of bars around some of the major tourist stations to get you started.

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28 Jan 2010   
Minoh Beer, Osaka

Imagine waking up one morning and finding out your parents have bought you a brewery? It’s a scene that dreams are made of – at least for beer geeks like me – but for Mayuko and Kaori Ohshita, that’s pretty much what happened back in 1997 when their father, a liquor store operator, decided to start a brewery and put them in charge of it. Come take a look inside Japan’s only woman-only brewery.

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18 Dec 2009   
Bakayaro! and Inside Baird Brewery

To celebrate the launch of homebrewer turned commercial brewer Chris Poel’s Bakayaro!, I contacted Chris to ask for the recipe. And he obliged. Find out what’s in Chris’ Bakayaro! yourself and take a brief look inside the Baird Brewery in Numazu.

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19 Oct 2009   
Making beer at the Kiuchi Brewery, Ibaraki

How would you like to make your own beer at a Japanese brewery? Well you can, at the Brew on Premises facilities of the Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki – and in spring 2009 I did just that. Read on to find out what it’s like making beer at Kiuchi, see my first ever brewery visit, and get the recipe for Kiuchi’s award winning Hitachino Nest White Ale.

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24 Sep 2009   
Harvestmoon Brewery, Tokyo Disney Resort

Beer with ears? Just 14 minutes from Tokyo by train in the Tokyo Disney Resort, Harvestmoon brews an award winning range of beers for its Roti’s House restaurant. I joined one of their recent brewery tours to see behind the scenes of where this beer is made.

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10 Sep 2009   
Sekinoichi, Ichinoseki

Located in Ichinoseki, Sekinoichi makes Japanese sake and Iwate Kura beer. On the last day of the Ichinoseki beer festival, I took some time out to visit the brewery – and which I couldn’t have a full brewery tour because of the festival, I did get a glimpse of the brewery, tasted some excellent sake, had a look into Sekinoichi’s history, and consumed some tasty and unusual beers.

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26 Aug 2009   
Baeren Brewery and Beer Pub, Morioka

Located in Morioka, Baeren Brewery started making beer in 2001 using equipment shipped over from Germany, some of which is 100 years old. They also have their own beer pub, make the excellent Baeren Classic, and are about to start their Baeren Beer Series 2009 – three monthly deliveries of beer, starting September 2009. Check out the brewery yourself as Beer in Japan goes inside the brewery.

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30 Jul 2009   
Tokyo’s Best Craft Beer Bars

In Tokyo for a few days or moving to Tokyo? This is my selection of the best selection of bars to hit, chosen for their variety of fantastic craft beers.